Saturday, November 17, 2012

Buffering and Streaming Test - Cairns 2012 Eclipse is a very easy way to display a video without all the hassles and advertising in UTube, but it looks like it uses the UTube engine circa 2005, ie pre Google takeover, so quality is inferior at perhaps only about 300 Kbps [irrespective of what you uploaded].

So that still means using your own hosting site and your own code to present it if you want to go higher quality.  I am totally sick and tired of experimenting with lousy Flash system which is changed more often than I change my socks so I stick to MS system of wmv files via WMPlayer.

I have one such video of the Cairns 2012 Eclipse this week and it really needs at least 1500 Kbps [with 128 Kbps audio in that 1500] to do justice, especially when viewed full screen, so that is how I rendered my video in MovieMaker2.6.

But whenever I go up to such speed I get problems with Packet Loss and streaming rarely goes above 1000 Kbps, that is hosting at an American Host [EASYCGI] for viewing in Australia.  But if I host the same video at my Australian ISP [iiNet or Ozemail] I get up to 5000 Kbps, so no problems at all.

I would love to get feedback from Americans on this issue and I fully expect the INVERSE to be true, ie the American Host will be fast and the Oz one slow.

Here are screenshots [use right mouse on video and select Statistics, Advanced].

American host [showing about 800 Kbps]

Australian host [showing about 3000 Kbps]

Here is American video

Here is Australian video

Many thanks to anyone who might try this test


  1. From the USA, I got about 2500 on the American version and about 8000 on the Australian version. Non-intuitive, but the Australian video is faster.

  2. Thanks Blaine, you ARE a Considerate Guy - lol, so looks like Pacific Ocean is not the issue. It might explain why Oz Host better for both by confirming [from iiNet] that barely anybody actually USES the free 1 gb web space that comes with their email account [ISP service], so pipes are almost empty.